Amazing Rakhi Gifts for Brother and Sister


Out of 365 days of the year, there are some very special days. Most avid day of the year since childhood is Rakhi.

Why Rakhi is special?

There are a number of myths and stories about Rakshabandhan. It is believed that before the epic battle of Mahabharat, Draupadi tied a piece of her cloth on Krishna’s hand once he hurt his finger while setting off his sudarshan chakra against evil king Shishupalal who had insulted the Krishna over hundred times. As Krishna’s slashed finger bled, Draupadi tore a bit from her dress and tied it around Krishna’s hand. Krishna reciprocally vowed to protect Draupadi against all adversities in future. So Sister tied Rakhi Thread on brothers hand and expect a security in return.

Brother and sister tease one another continually and fights over redundant things however the love between them isn’t comparable.

As we grow up, we have less time to spend along. So, this is the right to show her your love. Surprise your sister with wonderful gifts this Rakhi. Gift a smile to your Sister this Rakhi.


Fashion Accessories

Most acceptable gifts for the sisters are fashion accessories

1. Handmade Charm Bangles

Sister ties rakhi in your hand with lots of blessings. Why don’t you gift her something similar? Bangles are the best gifts for any girl on a traditional occasion.

2.Fancy Metal earrings

Difficult to choose a gift for the sister?

Different occasion, different dresses, different accessories are most common for the girls. You can gift her earings of different types of earrings, simple and elegant daily wears, office wears earrings.

Beauty Products

A gift must be something that will remind of you every day. Beauty products are used daily so it will be the perfect gift for your sister this Rakhi

1.Foot Soak

You can also gift some beauty products to your sister this Rakhi. The most common problem for girls is their hard feet. You can gift foot soak to your sister and let the problem of her hard feet get solved easily. You can see a beautiful smile on her face without pain.

2. Sandle wood oil

After the hectic schedule of the day, everyone wants some peace and relaxed environment. So Gift this oil to your sisters, increase glow on her face after every bath and feel relaxed after hectic and such peaceful smile on her face makes your Rakhi amazing.


Personalized Gifts

1.Message in a bottle

We love our sister but never try to express in front of them. A unique way to express in the fr of a gift. Write 52 reasons for her. Why do you love her? Let her feel special this Rakhi. Tell your sister, she is the best sister in the world.

2. Exploding photo box

Collect all your memories with brother and sisters inside one box. Find your Album inside the home recall childhood memories and place them in a single place with a surprising box and shower the happiness on your siblings with your memories.

3.Personalized photo frame

Recall your childhood days with your brother or sister by collecting your childhood pictures and put them in a frame to gift her. Definitely tears of happiness visible in her eyes.


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