Make the day special with amazing gifts for her or gifts for him!

Out of the thousands days in life, some are relived and enjoyed throughout. But those days are created with special efforts. Like the special effects in movie, they need extra care and attention. Moreover, gifts are the best things that create a long lasting impact and memorable memories. So, to make the day special, get some gifts for him or gifts for her and create a surprise. Sounds easy? Nope. Wait, You have to care for little things to make it perfect!

So, along with gifts for him and gifts for her, make sure you affect them emotionally and mentally. Also, you must know the days which can be written with golden letters in your diary of life.

Let us know what can make the day special for her. Along with some outrageous ideas, you would find affordable and most romantic ways to remember this day for life.

How to make the day special?

Starting from the morning, you can

  • Write “I Love You” on the bathroom mirror. This could be the mesmerizing surprise to him or her.
  • Play the favorite song as she comes out! Let the moments roll down to memories.
  • Also, Spread Rose Petals around the cup of coffee.

Don’t let the emotions go dry, keep increasing the intensity with some fashion accessories gifts for her and gifts for him.

  • Get her favorite skin products and give one from your side like Rose essential Oil. 
  • Moreover, Give her a Certificate of awarding “Best Lover”. In like manner, love letters and gift cards are no where gone.
  • Gift her “hers” and “his” t-shirts and clothes. Own your partner!

Like this, you can create so many little moments to realize her that “It is a special day”. Now, let’s roll on to the gifts for her and gifts for him which would make moments unforgettable.

Gifts for him and Gifts for her to make it special!

There are literally millions of ideas but choosing gifts for those ideas needs to be perfect. Here in the list, we have one gift from each category like fashion accessories, beauty and health, personalized gifts and much more. You will find lot of gifts in khatte meethe desires store. So, let’s begin the list with this amazing photo box.

1. Exploding Photo-box

You both have lots of memories? or just few? Whatsoever be the number, just put them into this box. Equally, it falls under your budget, that makes it amazing.

2. Heart Key-chain

You might have seen lot of key-chains but a personalized one in the shape of heart is different. Also, it falls in category of fashion accessory. It could be the one of the best gifts for him.

3. Essentials Oil

You should be caring for his or her beauty. Aren’t you? You should be. These pack of 10 essential oils include sandalwood oil, rose oil and many herbal oils. Not only they nurture skins but also prevents from several diseases.

4. Stick Candles

Don’t forget to go for a date on this special day. Moreover, in that date, make everything personalized. So, here we have personalized candles for you. Let everything sing for your special day!


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