Virushka set pure Couple goals on point


We’ve always admired Virushka for their ultimate power of true love, their cutest moments, their amazingly good-looking personality and how they stay together; setting couple goals. Reiterating the supremacy of their long-lasting love, Virushka meaning, Virat and Anushka have set pure couple goals that have made people believe in love. 

What makes them an epitome of relationship goals is their power of everlasting love which they both express not only on special days but on each day. Through their everyday activities, they are posting fun moments with each other sets them apart from normal couples. This couple stole the show whenever it comes to Virushka wedding or other ceremonies. The couple got married in a truly private affair, making their wedding day memorable. Their honeymoon to Finland is another thing that has made every heart flutter. 

From the start of Virushka Love story, by shooting an advertisement for a dandruff-free shampoo, to an adorable ending and getting hitched, this couple has set serious couple goals cheering modern relationships. They proved to the world that daily chores can be fun with your lover. Widen your eye to see how Virushka is a ‘’WOW’’ couple below:

They believe in talking about each other proudly:

Despite they are celebs, but they always loved to talk about each other proudly in public. They never feel shy about their feelings or love. They have always been posting glimpses of their lovely time together, whether it is their Virushka Honeymoon pics or their memorable moments. “Gushing over your mate is never out of date!” as Virat’s caption in his social media post is proof of that. 

They are each other’s, heartfelt cheerleaders:

Love works inexplicably. You are the biggest supporter of your lover, no matter what. In the case of Virushka, they are never ashamed of supporting each other in front of the world. Scroll down Virushka twitter, where they have posted their heartfelt messages while supporting each other for their professions. These two have raised the bar with their unconditional love and support for one another.

They walk into every event hand-in-hand:

One of the cutest moments of a relationship is when you both walk hand-in-hand in front of the whole world. They have redefined romance by keeping their eyes only for each other wherever they go. Virushka Love story had sent their fans into a tizzy. Rumors are the most frequent thing when you are a part of B-Town. They dodged every rumor when they walked hand-in-hand in every event. 

Sharing each other clothes’ is another couple goal:

Most of the Virat and Anushka pics after marriage are spotted as they are sharing each other’s clothes and it is such an adorable thing. As recently captured, Anushka was seen wearing her husband’s tank top. Another time, she was seen wearing an oversized T-shirt. The duo has won the audience’s heart with their simplicity and twinning so adorably. 

They are one heck of a fit and cutest couple:

Virat Anushka keeps posting their cute videos which are much adored by their fans. Their post-marriage posts are mostly about chilling with each other. They work out together and are addressed as the fit couple in the Bollywood world. A video caption by Virat, says it all “Training together makes it even better”.

Unravel what sets them apart from other couples, Virushka has shown us what a perfect team they are. They are a new age couple always appearing beside each other, supporting each other all through. Keep adoring the young couple and follow their pure couple goals!

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