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Into The Woods

Into The Woods

  • Elevate your ambiance with the essence of the woods into your home.
  • Immerse yourself in the sense of tranquility and connection with nature.
  • Enjoy up to 22 hours of fragrant bliss with each Forest Candle.
  • Each candle is carefully crafted by hand, adding a touch of artisanal beauty.
  • Fragrant Forest Varieties.
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Introducing our Noor Mahal Candle Gift Box, a luxurious ensemble that
exudes elegance and charm. This exquisite set features two rose gold
metal jar candles, each carrying a distinct fragrance. Immerse yourself
in the enchanting scent of Honeysuckle, reminiscent of blooming gardens,
or indulge in the warm and cozy aroma of Pumpkin Pie. Encased in a
sleek MDF box, this gift set is perfect for creating a memorable gifting
experience. Whether you're treating yourself or surprising a loved one,
the Noor Mahal Candle Gift Box is a delightful choice. Embrace the
beauty of these captivating candles and let their scents fill your space
with warmth and tranquility.


  • Bottom Diameter - 20.5 cm
  • Top Diameter - 12.5 cm
  • Height - 11 cm