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7 Chakra Candles Box

7 Chakra Candles Box

  • Deal forifting, these aromatic candles offer a sensory journey through the chakras.
  • Each candle offers up to 8 hours of indulgence.
  • Clean and eco-friendly burn for a healthier ambiance.
  • Experience the healing benefits of these aromatic candles.
  • Enjoy a unique aroma for each energy center.
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Introducing our 7 Chakra Candles, a harmonious blend of fragrances designed to align and balance your energy centers. Each candle in this aromatic gift set represents one of the seven chakras, bringing a unique aroma and therapeutic benefits. Made with pure Soy wax, these aromatherapy candles offer a clean and eco-friendly burn. With 60g of wax and a burn time of 8 hours each, you can indulge in the soothing scents for an extended period. Immerse yourself in the calming Lavender, uplifting Frangipani, rejuvenating Rosemary, refreshing Lemon, invigorating Orange,rounding Basil, and revitalizing Ocean fragrances. Ignite your senses and experience the transformative power of these chakra candles, making them a perfect aromatic gift set for yourself or your loved ones


  • Bottom Diameter - 31 cm
  • Top Diameter - -20 cm
  • Height - 7 cm
  • Candle Weight -  140 g
  • Wax Weight - 60 g
  • Burn Time - 8 hours each