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Ombre Candles

Ombre Candles

  • Choose between the refreshing Ocean or the delicate Pink Lily scent.
  • The Ocean candle showcases a beautiful blue ombre, while the Pink Lily candle features a captivating pink ombre effect.
  • The Ocean scent transports you to serene waters, while Pink Lily exudes femininity and grace.
  • The ombre effect adds a visually striking element to your space, creating an atmosphere of beauty and charm.
  • Immerse yourself in the enchanting fragrances and soft glow of our Ombre Candles, creating a delightful sensory experience.
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Product Description


Introducing our Ombre Candles, a delightful fusion of captivating
fragrances and stunning visual aesthetics. Available in two enticing
scents - Ocean and Pink Lily - these candles add a touch of elegance to
any space. The Ocean candle features a mesmerizing ombre effect of blue
colors, reminiscent of tranquil waters, while the Pink Lily candle
showcases a beautiful ombre effect in shades of pink, exuding a sense of
grace and femininity. Immerse yourself in the refreshing aroma of the
ocean or indulge in the delicate fragrance of pink lily as the candles
cast a soft, enchanting glow. Perfect for creating a calming ambiance or
adding a pop of color to your decor, our Ombre Candles are a delightful
sensory experience.


  • Bottom Diameter 8 cm
  • Top Diameter 8 cm
  • Height 8 cm
  • Candle Weight 450 g
  • Wax Weight 250 g
  • Burn Time 34 hours