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Sugandham Gift Box

Sugandham Gift Box

  • A meticulously curated collection of Rose Gold Metal Jar Candles.
  • Kenzo Flower and Eucalyptus Mint offer captivating scents.
  • Elegant and sophisticated, adding a touch of beauty to any space.
  • Presented in a sturdy and stylish MDF box for an exquisite gifting experience.
  • Immerse yourself in the captivating scents of Sugandham and elevate your ambiance.
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Product Description


Introducing our exquisite Sugandham Metal Candle Set of 2, a perfect
combination of elegance and fragrance. Housed in a charming wooden brown
color trunk, this set is a statement piece that adds a touch of
sophistication to any space. Immerse yourself in the delightful scents
of Keno Flower and Eucalyptus-Mint, carefully curated to awaken your
senses and create a soothing ambiance. Crafted with natural soy wax,
these candles offer a clean and eco-friendly burn, ensuring a guilt-free
indulgence. With this set, you can experience the enchanting aromas for
hours on end. Treat yourself or someone special to the sensory pleasure
of our Sugandham Metal Candle Set, a beautiful addition to any home


  • Length - 20.5 cm
  • Breadth - 12.5 cm
  • Height - 11 cm
  • Weight - 1200g